YA Scavenger Hunt Is Almost Here!

I'm participating this year! It's my first year, and I'm going to be honest--I'm a little overwhelmed by the whole thing. So many authors and books--which is fun times for you, because that means more prizes to be won! Prizes are the best, especially when those prizes are books. So stay tuned to ye olde blog for the fun. I'll be TEAM BLUE which is, of course, THE BEST TEAM. (I'm horribly biased.) Check out my team!

Okay, so the other teams are really awesome, too. Find out the other teams HERE.

And to find out more about the YA Scavenger Hunt in general, check out their website! Or find them on Twitter or Facebook!

Why should you check it out? Each post is going to feature bonus material from an author--and I can tell you that none of you have read my bonus material before! If you need more enticement, I'm going to be running a giveaway on here as well as the YA Scavenger Hunt prizes, which means BONUS PRIZES. Really, I can't see a downside to this.

The hunt begins OCTOBER 1st and ends OCTOBER 4th, so stay tuned!