Who's Got the Readers That Rock The Party? (A Rhetorical Question)

Look, there are a lot of books out there. I should know. I'm trying to read them all. I think I've been making good progress on that, by the way. Knowing how many millions of books you have to choose from, I'm forever grateful to those who choose to spend their free time reading mine. Seriously guys, I'm grateful. And then some of you take more time to post a message on my facebook (usually asking about book two, which is slated for Fall 2012 before you can ask, you crazy kids) or you find me on Twitter and message me there, or you email me, etc. and it's all very overwhelming. As a writer you spend a lot of time in front of a blank screen and sometimes, hours into edits, when you're not even sure what you're trying to do anymore, you think, "Why the hell didn't I become a carpenter*, or a plumber**, or a lion tamer***? Something respectable, something where I never question my day's work?"

It happens, people. That thought surfaces more often than you might think. For all of us.

So when you take the time to leave me a little message saying you liked the book, that you want another book, and would I please get off my ass and write some more, thank you, you need to know, my fellow reading compatriots, that those little notes go a long damn way. It's a lot like getting those magical power pellets in Pac Man, you know the ones that make you invincible for a short time so the ghosts can't kill your ass? Sure, it's not forever, but it will sustain you until the next pellet if you play your cards right. It will keep you going just a little bit longer.

This analogy has already gone on too long.

The whole point is I appreciate how much support you all have given book. And I love all the people that go beyond that and spend their time painting my characters in henna, or making my cover into a cross stitch, or creating character-based collages. Or the people that, say, make me a book trailer! Like, oh, I don't know, THIS ONE. (And of course Macmillan for making me an official one, and my friend Jason for making me THIS ONE during his precious few moments not working.)

You guys are amazing. Go get yourselves a congratulatory cupcake. Go ahead. I won't judge you for taking two. Or getting the kind that comes with a little plastic ring on top because you like what's on it even though you know it won't fit on your finger. We're all friends here.

I'm going to get my ass back to writing****.

*I would probably cut of a finger or a hand if I tried to become a carpenter. Not a good idea.

**Considering the fact that I like to think that plumbing functions primarily on magic and not things like science, this would probably also be a poor career choice.

***We all know the lion would eat me ten seconds into my training.

****And by "writing", I of course mean "eating a cupcake."