In Which I Ramble About a Lot of Things

I'm not very good about this whole blarg thing. I keep forgetting to do it or, when I remember, I can't really think of anything to say. I'm still not really used to the whole "people wanting to hear from me" thing. You know, besides my family. They have to listen to me. (Mu ah ha ha ha ha ha!) And lately I've had a nasty head cold which will not go away. I've even named it John McClane because, like its Die Hard namesake, it just won't die. I've been throwing tiny Germans at it for days, but the cold just sends them back with "Ho Ho Ho--Now I've got a machine gun" written on them. If I can't get past it soon, I'm going to take it's shoes and send Alan Rickman in. None of this will make sense to you if you haven't seen Die Hard.  Anyway, I have lots of random things to share. First, some photos!
french cover  This is my French cover. I love it, even though I'm not quite sure what's going in in the picture. I've had people give me great descriptions of what they think is going on, though, which has been fun. Still, trĂ©s creepy, no? old cover  And this is my old cover. Some people have talked smack about it, said the kids wouldn't dig it. I still love it, and I thought some people might like to see it. The same illustrator did the current cover as well, which I think turned out pretty awesome. For the Australia/New Zealand release, they're keeping the American cover. I have no idea what the audiobook will look like, or who's going to read it for that matter. (No one tells me anything.) I hope everyone in France, New Zealand and Australia really loves the book, because I'd like them to invite me to their fine countries. I already have a passport. I'm just sayin'. I'd also like to share some other random photos. First is a cookie my brother and sis-in-law sent for my birthday. It's my book in cookie form! This pleased me greatly. (Aren't you secretly disgusted by their craftiness? This cookie card is really only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to Stuff They Can Make. I love them and am also jealous of their abilities.) The card made it all the way from Maine to Seattle in one piece!cookie It was delicious. Then my friend Renae, who is the most awesome and incredibly foxy roommate of my Hetero-lifemate, Porkchop, carved a HMCN pumpkin! The bird, I'm told, fell off. But still! I am touched by how awesome my friends and family have been during this whole madness. I have an excellent street team.pumpkin Speaking of street team, I finally got a gnome! I haven't named him yet. He's not very industrious, but I think he's good for morale. He sleeps a lot. I like that about him. Thanks for the gnome, Kat! I'm glad he creeped you out.gnome One last thing and then I'll shut up, I promise. I made swag! Every time I think about it, I remember that scene from Spaceballs where Yogurt shows Lone Star his merchandise. Originally, I wanted to make it so I had a few choice things to hand out at readings, but I figured I'd put it online to see if anyone wanted to buy one, because why not? Take a look--Erika, a tattooist at Slave to the Needle in Seattle created them for me and they turned out pretty bad ass.  Okay, now I'm going to sleep, if John McClane will let me. I've named my Theraflu Holly Gennaro. We all know that's John McClane's achilles heel. In the mean time, you can find me on the facebook and the Twitter. You know, if you're into that sort of thing.