This week--The Traveling Story!

This week I'm part of the Traveling Story, which is the brainchild of author Jessica Brody. Basically, she rounded up 5 authors and we each wrote part of a story. We had total control of our section and it took the story to some really interesting places. Basically, it was a lot of fun and a nice, free thing to offer to you guys. To make it even more delightful, Jessica decided to offer up some prizes, so if you like things like free books, you might want to get in on this whole Traveling Story thing. 


It started today with Jessica Brody and you can read her part of the story now HERE. We'll be posting part of the story every day on different author blogs. Here is the schedule:


Monday 7/15 – Jessica Brody  

Tuesday 7/16 – Jessica Khoury  

Wednesday 7/17 – Lish McBride  

Thursday 7/18 – Gretchen McNeil  

Friday 7/19 – Emmy Laybourne


There is a facebook fan page for it here and if you're into facebook, you should click that little "like" button because Jessica will be posting the daily links and such to the story there as well as any updates. Also, I doubt this will be the last time she does this little project as I think we all had too much fun participating, so liking it will put you in the know for future fun.


As if this wasn't enough, Jessica also created a pinterest board for the project...which means I might have to break down and actually join pinterest. 


Enjoy and stay tuned!