Updates! 2017 Edition : Patreon, Newsletter, and other fun things.

Hey Team! So you're probably wondering what I've been up to and perhaps want a little information as to what's going on--so here it is!

Pyromantic hits the shelves 3/21/17! I'm so excited. Can't wait until then? My publisher is doing a Goodreads giveaway this month! You can find it HERE starting 1/20/17 until 1/27/17. 

Freaks & Other Family is available for download! (You can also get a print edition, by the way.) This is a bundle of two short stories featuring Sam an Ramon from the Nercomancer books. (For those of you that follow me on Patreon, you've probably seen a rough of the Sam story.)

Speaking of which, I'm on Patreon! What is Patreon, you might ask? Well I have a little video on there explaining, but the gist of it is, you pay a dollar a month and get access to a short story! (My short stories, by the way, tend to be on the 20+ page end of things.) You can also chip in a little more and get access to blogs, story time and sneak peaks and what not as well.) I do some free posts on there like book reccomendations and the occasional blog.

Want to keep up with my mysertious doings and dastardly machinations? Join my NEWSLETTER! 

And for the authors in the house, did you see the Tor.com post I wrote about book events? They just reposted it, and it's worth a look as I've handled book events from the author side of things, and as an event host at my local independent bookstore. 

That's it for now!