Some news and things

Hi team,

Wow, so three posts in one week? You know what this means don't you?


A) I've been taken over by tiny robots who are actually posting this

B) End of the World/Apocalypse

C) I'm procrastinating on packing up all my stuff for the move

D) It's a busy week


F) All of the above

(The answer is naturally E) TACOS!)


Already I can tell that you want me to get to the point. So I have two things to share. They don't have much to do with each other except that they both involve my book and I think they're both pretty nifty.

First--my interview at Booktunes. I know that there are quite a few interviews with me floating around the interwebs, but this one is cool because it features some pretty sweet artwork of my face surrounded by GNOMES. Booktunes also focuses on the overlap between music and literature, two things I really love. Also, there's an interview with Dr. Frank on there, and since I love Mr. T Experience, I was pretty happy about that.


Second and bigger news: I'm going to have a short story in an anthology. I'm excited by this because I haven't had the chance to write some short things in a while and because it's my first anthology. I feel so fancy. Here's the preliminary info: 

The book will be put out by Running Press. I'm not quite sure when it's coming out. Right now it's titled CORNERED and it will include a brand spankin' new short story by me and these other fine people:


  • Jennifer Brown, author of HATE LIST and BITTER END (Little Brown)
  • Elizabeth Miles, author of the forthcoming novel FURY (Simon Pulse, Aug 2011)
  • Jamie Adoff, author of JIMI AND ME and THE DEATH OF JASON PORTER (Hyperion)
  • Mayra Lazara Dole, author of DOWN TO THE BONE (Harper) 
  • Matthue Roth, author/poet of LOSERS and NEVER MIND THE GOLDBERGS (Push)
  • Sheba Karim, author of SKUNK GIRL (Macmillan/FSG)
  • Kate Ellison, author of the forthcoming novel BUTTERFLY CLUES (Egmont, Spring 2012)
  • Zeta Elliot, author of A WISH AFTER MIDNIGHT (Createspace)

These are just the few names that have been released. More info to follow!

Hope you all are well out there in the interwebs. I guess I better get back to packing now...*sigh*