The Shortest Blog Entry in the History of Blog Entries!*

Q: Will there be a sequel?


A: Yes.**


Q: Well, then when is it coming out?


A: Possibly Sept of 2012. This might change.***


*This is probably a lie. There are probably much shorter blogs entries out there. I'm way too lazy to look into this.


**I know, even while I'm posting this, that this is not going to stop any of you from asking me the same question on Facebook, even if the person who posted right before you asked me the exact same question. Yet I'm doing it anyway. Because I like doing things the hard way. I know that people who can't be bothered to scroll down also can't be bothered to read my blog. So I'm posting this for the rest of you so that you can feel superior in your knowledge. I support such geeky-one-up's-man-ship. (Please know that I say all this with fondness and love. I will keep answering the "Is there a book two/when will it be out" question over and over with a smile.)


***I say possibly because the pub date has already been moved twice. My publisher moved it because they are trying to give me ample time to fill the book with as much awesome**** as I possibly can.


****amounts  of awesome may very. Contents may shift/compress/leak out in shipping.