Radio! Bookplates! So many !!! *Updated July 8th, 2014*

So, Firebug is only 3 months away. Three! I can't believe it. This will lead, inevitably, to emails asking me how people can get signed books. I have a few options for you:

1) Wait until I come to your city. This is probably not your preferred option as it might take a while. Like, years.

2) Order a copy online from Third Place Books. In the comment section, you can ask for me to sign it. If I have anything fun to send with it (like bookmarks) I will. This is my local bookshop and I also work there, so it is super easy for them to find me and make me sign things (Unless I'm hiding in a closet somewhere.).

3) But what if you already bought the book, prepurchased it on your eReader, or wanted to support your local bookshop? Bookplates! Also, bookmarks! This is an option now! The amazing Vlad Verano designed some Taco bookplates for me. (See Vlad's work here:, here or check him out on the Twitters at @GholaVlad) They are, in my biased opinion, the best bookplates ever. EVER. And I will send you one free if you shoot me your address via lishmcbride at

Those are the options so far. Other tidbits:

I was interviewed on the radio. I haven't listened to it because it's weird to hear my own voice, but I had fun doing it.

Last, in case you missed the last post,  Firebug should be coming to you in audio form. YAY!