Pyromantic Snippet

Apparently editing is when I like to share things. Well, I'm editing again. So I decided to share this wee bit of Pyromantic.

"Nice to meet you, firebug."

"Likewise, necromancer." Her grip was firm and warm and I didn't vomit bees or turn into dust or anything. It was just a handshake, and a good one. With a start, I realized that I liked her. Weren't necromancers supposed to exude evil and walk around covered in human blood? She was wearing a necklace with a little Eeyore charm on it, for heaven's sake. "Are we going to keep this all super secret superhero codenames? Do I have to start calling Bianca “the Veil” or something?"

The woman laughed.

"We could do that, sure, or you can just call me June." She looked at Alistair. "Now how about we get to the dead things?"