Pyromantic Snippet

I haven't put anything on Ye Olde Blog in six months--I blame my hospital stay, my baby's hospital stay, and lastly the baby. Actually, it's probably because I've been hard at work trying to fix the draft of Pyromantic (aka Firebug 2 : Electric Bugaloo). Or possibly all of these things.

I did recently get an FAQ started (it isn't done.) and put a few new event dates on the site, so really, I feel like I'm doing fairly well. You know, for me.

Anyway, I thought I would post a short snippet from Pyromantic, which is a work in progress, which means there are probably goofs and such and who knows if this part will end up in the book. Still, I feel like sharing. So there.

I wonder how many of my blog posts contain the phrase "so there?" I use the phrase a lot. Because I am an adult. Also, I just realized we never announced the title of the newest book. Well, it's Pyromantic. As least it is right now. These things change sometimes.

Hope you all are well out there in the world. Enjoy the snippet:

“He sure is handsome when he scowls.” Ezra held up a gloved hand to block the sun from his eyes. “I’ve never managed the brooding look well, myself. I prefer a more gentlemanly, world-weary man-about-town sort of approach. Sophistication, Ava. It goes a long way.”

“I will pay you a dollar to tell him he’s pretty when he scowls,” I said. “I bet he’ll really like that.”

Lock returned, holding out the kit. I took it from him, while Ezra clasped his hands under his chin and fluttered his eyelashes at Lock.

“Do I want to know why you’re making that ridiculous face right now?”

“We were just discussing how much you rock the scowl. Your eyes get all stormy and your jaw squares. Swoon-worthy, that’s what it is.” Ezra held out his hand to me and snapped his fingers. I had to set the kit down so I could fish out a dollar.

“You are a ridiculous man,” Lock said, but his scowl was gone, which was probably why Ezra had started the discussion in the first place.


Ezra adjusted his latex gloves. “Please, it’s one of my many charms and you all love it.”