Prepping my Mouse Ears

So I'm immersed in the last of my trip planning for the YAppiest event--do I get the park hopper pass or the regular? When can I meet up with my apartment sitter? Should I get a shuttle to the airport?--and honestly, I'm both excited and tired already. But I'm almost done! I'm looking forward to meeting new authors, bloggers, librarians, and fellow book nerds. I'm excited to ride some rides, eat some churros, and be absolutely ridiculous ALL DAY. It will be fun, yo.

Afterward I'm hanging out with my brother's family and I'm looking, I think, even more forward to that. I need a few days break, guys. Disneyland is going to be awesome sauce reduced to its purest form, but I am a tired Lish and I need a few days R&R. What with my full time job and the writing gig...and my kid...and volunteering at 826 Seattle, even though that's only once a week, I basically don't get days off and it's starting to wear on me. Tired Lish is tired, but that will not keep me from bringing my A-game and other sports metaphors to the event.


I just wanted to put together a few reminders:

If time (or that green devil, money) is keeping you from seeing us, you are more than welcome to come to the (free! FREE!) signing at the hotel in the evening. Time and place is on the YAppiest even page HERE.

If you are not Cali based, I'm sure you can order a book from Mysterious Galaxy and get it signed at the event and sent to you. Give them a SHOUT.

Lastly, a general reminder that you can always order signed copies of my books (personalized if you want 'em) though Third Place Books. Info HERE.

Okay, back to packing and running around. If you're on the Twitter, we're going to be live tweeting the event, so check out the #YAppiest hashtag. (I'm @TeamDamnation on the Twitter, if you didn't know.) I'll try to do a pre-Disney post on ye olde blog. I'm attempting to remember that I have a blog, you know? I forget about it sometimes...