News! (And odds are, you aren't going to like it.)

I hate being the bearer of bad tidings, I really do--and honestly, I'm not sure where this news is going to hit you guys. I'll start with bad news first, because I'm like that.

So today they are announcing the tour cities and dates for the September and October legs of the Fierce Reads tour. We've all been waiting to hear these, and several of you have messaged me on facebook and twitter to say that you hope I'm heading your way...and it's been killing me to stay silent. Not that I knew where we were going, because I didn't...but I knew *I* wasn't going. Because my part of the tour is in October, and there's no way they're going to let me on a plane in October. Because instead of tour, I'm going to have a baby, and of course, he's due in October. (In our house we've been referring to him as Lil' Facehugger, because to me having a baby has a lot in common with that movie, Alien.) And as much as my publicist and I like each other, I don't think she would like to deliver a baby on tour, even though it would make a great story. Plus, I think the airplanes have rules against such things? Anyway, as excited as we are about Lil' Facehugger, I'm really bummed about tour. I had a blast last time, and I was really looking forward to going again. I'm afraid to read the announcement today and see what cities I'm missing out on. I'm also close friends with several of the authors going, and was looking forward to getting to know the others. Bah. To be honest, I've been a big whiney baby about the whole thing. It's been like this:

Me: But I want to go!

Man Friend: (calmly) But you can't go, because baby.

Me: Yes, but I want to. Want.

Man Friend: You can't always get what you want.

Me: Now I have that song stuck in my head. And stop being reasonable. I still want to go.

Man Friend: (jokingly) Well, you should have thought of that before you got yourself into this mess.

Me: *Throws pillow*

Man Friend: Hey, you married me. If you want to be mad, be mad at yourself for your poor choices.


To be fair, I'm putting a lot of words in Man Friend's mouth--he's very sweet and supportive about everything, because he's the nice one out of the two of us. I'm just being a brat about not getting everything that I want, which is ridiculous. So, I'm sorry to tell you guys that I won't be there. I really wish I could be. I'll probably be following the tour on twitter and stuff from home, glaring jealously at my phone. Because I'm a jerk like that. (Or, if Lil' Facehugger is already here, I probably will be sleep deprived and wishing I was on tour so I could get a nap.)

Firebug is still a Fierce Reads title, and if the tour is coming through your town, you should go. The other authors are great fun, first of all. Secondly, I think we're going to try and get signed bookplates to the bookstores that I'm not going to be at, and who doesn't like free things? Maybe some bookmarks, too. I'm completely fine with bribery. Also, I just want you guys to check out the other ladies on tour. I support them. They kick ass. If you haven't read their books, you should.

For those that have questions they were dying to ask me, I'll try to set something up online so we can do that. And of course, I'll still be doing a blog tour and whatnot. I'll update as I get information.

So I hope you guys aren't too disappointed. Know that I am just as sad as you. Except about the part where we're having Lil' Facehugger. That part is pretty cool.