My Friends And How They Rock Multi-post!'s been awhile since we've talked. You look nice--did you cut your hair? Lose weight? It shows. You look lovely, friends. It's a shame that we've let so much time go between our little chats. 

Anyway, welcome to my multi-post! It's more awesome than a regular post! Because there are more things in it! You can tell it's exciting because I've already used SO MANY EXCLIMATION POINTS.


So I know a lot of really amazing, talented kick ass folks. Seriously. And I am greatful for their friendship. This post, my internet pals, is to introduce you to a few of them so that you can join in the fun. 

First off, the illustrious Jen Violi. Jen is the author of Putting Make Up on Dead People. It's a wonderful book and if you haven't read it, you should. But I'm biased, so maybe you don't believe me. Well, how about the fine folks behind the Oregon State Book awards? Jen's book has been nominated! Congrats to her and the best of luck! Jen, here is your internet high five of AWESOME. *high fives*

What you might not know, Internet pals, is that Jen went to the same writing program that I went to at the University of New Orleans. There were some pretty amazing writers there, like Barb Johnson (Barb, here's your *internet fist bump*) and my pal Jason Buch. Jason and his team recently created an app! I don't know about you guys, but before Jason's app, I sort of thought the iTunes store magically bred it's own apps from some sort of technological cabbage patch. I never really thought about how they are created. 

Jason's app is Choose Your Own Advenuture style--which, if you know what I do at 826 Seattle, you know how I feel about Choosing My Own Adventure. Jason was kind enough to send me a link so I could play with the app. It's live action (as in filmed with real live actors) and a lot of fun, guys. It's shot in New Orleans, and it really made me miss that town a great deal. The main character is named Grace and she's going on her first date with the mysterious Vincent. You make her decisions...and when I played it I kept making poor decicions. (Just like real life!) I kept dying. (Not so much like real life.) Also, I'm trying to work the phrase "school marm chic" into every day conversations now. Good job, Jason and his team! Here are your *Internet jazz hands*. But again, I'm biased. So here's a note from the team responsible for the app and some links and you can decide for yourself. Have fun with the virtual blood spray!


Hi, below is some info about our new project--we'd love if you could review it & post about it so we can rule the internet! (Can you rule the internet? We hope so.)


We’re Vampire fans & Indie filmmakers who think our APP is lots of fun. Neutral Ground Films is proud to announce the release of SO YOU'RE DATING A VAMPIRE: an APP for iPhone & iPad. SYDAV combines a beautifully shot, live action short film with a "choose your adventure" Vampire dating game. Players watch the film unfold in different ways as they make all the choices for Grace on her big date with the quiet and handsome Vincent.

Animated choices let you choose the story path as Grace decides what to wear & where they’ll go. Choose wisely and your date with the mysterious Vincent continues…make a wrong choice and well…


Will you survive to the kiss goodnight? So You're Dating a Vampire keeps you coming back for more laughs in this comedy film turned fantasy dating APP.

We’d love it if you would play the APP and spread the word to friends, forums, blogs & facebook. 

For more info please visit us on Facebook & like us there. 

Thanks for checking it out!

SD Version:
HD Version:

Okay, I can tell your heads are spinning from all these introdcutions, Internet pals. Very heady, I know. But I have one more! My friend Holly Cupala just released her new book, Don't Breathe a Word. I read her last book, Tell Me a Secret, and even though I don't read a lot of contemporary fiction (her book didn't contain a single cyborg, necromancer, or witch. Did you know such books existed? I didn't. Weird.) I burned through it in a single sitting. Holly is a wonderful person and a snappy dresser. And I'm posting the video to prove it! As part of her "Words Have Power" campaign, Holly asked some other YA authors to post very short videos with their take on the theme. My video is the poorly lit one somewhere in the middle. It makes me look a little sheisty, but I like sheisty, so that's good. Holly here's your *Internet promenade*. Anyway, check it out:

Whew. That was certainly a multi-post. Maybe if I wasn't so busy organizing my spoon collection*, I would post more. Ah, well, you live and you learn**. Thanks for being so patient, my lovely interweb compaions, and hope you love my friends as much as I do! Here's some *Internet Hula Hooping* just for you!

*I don't actually have a spoon collection. I just have spoons.

**Unless you're me and no real learning actually happens.