Link to Writing Articles for Teen (and non-teen) Writers! Also, another thing!

I've posted a few of these on facebook and whatnot, but I felt a link on here wouldn't hurt. This site has been posting blog posts from me once a month and they are geared toward people who want to sharpen their writing skills. It's nice, because they are written for teen writers especially, though really the advice is good for all. And I don't mean my advice. I always feel like kind of a jerk spouting writing tips, because I tend to make things up as I go along, and therefore I feel like I'm tricking everyone involved. But the nice thing about this site is it is posting monthly articles from a ton of different YA authors, so even if mine aren't helpful, someone's will be. Check it here.

In other news, sorry I haven't been posting much, team. I mean, I never post much, but I've been ever worse than usual. My apartment was full of mold (literally) and we had to move rather quickly, my son started a new school, I'm editing a book and writing another, I work full time, and so on and so forth. Busy. As soon as the dust clears, I'll try to be on here a little more frequently. I promised a post to someone on Twitter explianing why I chose to have Minion in NTS and why I chose to treat him so poorly (despite my love for the actor that he is based on) and I promise as soon as my edits are turned in, I'm on it!

Hope all of you are well out there in the ehter that is the Interwebs.