Holy Spam Bots, Batman!

I'm new to this whole website thing. I love the interwebs, but like most folk I take them for granted. And I haven't the foggiest clue as to how they function. In fact, as far as I'm concerned tiny demons live in my computer and use their magic to make youtube videos and LOL cats happen. For these things alone, I love those wee demons and their magic.

However, this is an impractical view when, say, one must create a website for one's book. My cousin (see bio page picture of dog in a dinosaur costume) was lovely enough to put up with my ignorance and cobble something together. He builds websites--he doesn't design them. So my friend Brad drew a few pictures and we made it work. And then, for some odd reason, they both left me in charge. This is akin to handing over the keys to a bomb factory to the guy you just hired to sweep the floors. It's just not a good idea.

The result? Spam bots. So many spam bots on my blarg page. I've deleted them now, so if you desperately needed information on erectile disfunction drugs, steroids, or gambling, well, friends, you're just going to have to look elsewhere. 

I'm in the process of making it so I have to grant permission to comments before they are posted (thus making me feel very queen-like indeed). This will also make it so I SEE those comments. Apparently they weren't visible to me unless I was signed in. Weird. I'm also in discussion with a proper designer, someone who's job it is to hold my hand and create web page masterpieces. You know, a demon. This will save my poor abused cousin from reading all my, "Wait--how do I fix this?" emails. He has a day job and he works too much as it is.

Until I get things made over, I beg your patience with me. I'm not a web designer. I'm a writer, and sometimes I can't even manage that very well. There are some writers that can create wonderful and eye-catching websites all on their own. I am not one of them. I'm the kind that hires professionals.