Haiku Contest Results

So, I got some pretty fancy pants books from Penguin Australia the other day and I felt like they had to be shared. Giving them away randomly seemed bo-ring, so I held a HMCN Haiku contest on ye olde facebook page. Here are the entries for your enjoyment:

Seattle. spring. rain
Mom's a witch? Nothing normal!
So bite me werewolf.

-David Jensen

Necromancer Duel!
Bad Douglas versus Sweet Sam
May the best man win.

So, my Mom's a Witch
And I'm a Necromancer.
My life just got weird

Both by Andi Atkinson

Brains brains brains brains brains
brains brains brains brains brains brains brains
Brains brains brains brains brains

-Janet Meeds

just a normal guy
when herbs blurr and words bind truth
then all bets are off

-Kristy Kizzee

bowling ball bags are
meant to hold bowling balls not
for coworkers heads

-Krystal O'Neal

Skull (chain haiku) 

Tongue-less talking skull
I kiss your mouth to give you 
breath to say it all

whisper Take me home
I will join you soon enough
Never you alone

all will turn to dust
when our pretty talking skulls
finally must hush.

-Kelly McQuain

i've had better days
some guy tried to eat my soul
at least i'm out of that cage

-Jason-Brooke Adam

The crow looked into his eyes
Staring at his soul
setting tones for his future

-Rebecca Kelwaski

Lock me in a cage
With a sexy werewolf chick
I'm alright with that
(oh yeah, I'm going to be a poet)

-Cadie Bunn

I thought I'd share them all because they were all pretty awesome. I kinda wish I had enough copies to send to everyone that jumped in. But after much discussion with Man Friend, we picked Cadie Bunn's and David Jensen's because they were both about the book AND on tone. Yay! I'll hold another contest when I get my audio books... (not haiku, though.)