Good news! Also, maybe bad news! (Please don't hit me.)

Many of you delightful creatures have asked me when the next Sam book is coming out, and I've been giving you non-answers, because I couldn't really say anything...but now I have news! Just maybe not the news you wanted! Don't think too hard about what I just said! Just go with the "!" and say, "Yay!"

I can now happily announce that I am going back under contract with Henry Holt for another two books. This pleases me greatly because I've had a good time with them and my editor, Noa, is pure awesomesauce concentrate.

Want even more good news? Yeah? Okay! Ready? Are you sure?!?

They aren't Sam books.

*ducks* *commando crawls* *hides behind couch* 

Please don't throw things. Especially you in the back with the rotten tomatoes. Yeah, I see you. Put it away.

Trust me, I can feel the disturbance in the force from here. Before you go too crazy, know this--they are set in Sam's world. Just on a different coast with different characters. I am planning on doing another Sam book (the end of Necromancing the Stone is NOT the end of his story at all.) I'm just going to do these first. There are a lot of reasons why we did it this way. Because I hate you and I want you to suffer. Okay, not really. I love you guys. So for the real reasons: First, the publisher would like to see how the Sam books do. Understandable. They also wanted to make sure I got a break. Reasonable. And honestly, I've also been thinking of ways to pull these guys together, and I think that I've come to the conclusion that these stories need to happen first. I think long run you guys will be happy, but I completely understand that to some of you this will bring all the Bad Feels. My apologies for this.

So the books that are scheduled feature a main character named Ava who is a firebug (she can start fires with her MIND.). Because of what she is, she's been forced to become an assasin for a mob family-style group. I know this doesn't sound funny, but I promise you that it is still a humor based storyline. Besides, there are werebunnies. And as a person who is, occasionally, afraid of rabbits, I find this to be terrifying. I think you guys will like it. If not, we can go buy rotten tomatoes together. I'll even stand still for it.

Ha. No way. I'm running serpentine, guys. Rotten tomato does NOT come out, and I really like my T-shirts.

I always forget to check this page for questions/comments, but if you send me things on twitter (@TeamDamnation) or Facebook, I'll try to respond.

Also, in case you missed it, there's a Frank short story in an anthology called "Cornered" and a free short story on called "Heads Will Roll" to tide you over. 

Thanks for being so awesome, guys.