General Update

I think we can all agree that I'm pretty terrible at posting things on ye olde blargy. It's a combination of factors--1) I assume none of you care what I'm up to 2) I don't feel I have anything exciting to say and 3) I'm busy/lazy and sometimes 4) I've learned that I can post stuff on here and the FAQ but still get the same emails asking the same questions I've already answered several times in both places, so there's a weird feeling of futility about the whole thing.

But it's mostly number 3.

Anyway, I thought I'd take a moment and give you guys a quick update on what I'm up to. Currently, I'm sick, a nice upper respiratory affair that has me reaching for both my inhalers and buying kleenex in bulk. I don't have the best lungs and I suspect I don't have the best sinuses, either. I have to combat these colds pretty harshly or I end up in the doctor's office hooked up to a nebulizer and getting steroid shots that make me want to throw up and also run around like a hampster on speed. I'm getting over the cold, but I've now hit that part of things where whenever I blow my nose the pressure in my head shifts and I sometimes get dizzy and have to sit down before I pass out. Basically, if there was a zombie apoclaypse, I wouldn't survive the first cold and flu season.

That aside, I have been working when I can. I still have a day job and kids so my writing time is a bit hit and miss. I've turned my Pyromantic edits in and I'm waiting to hear back, but I think we're ready to move onto copy edits. I talked to my agent this week about the book because he just read the latest draft and I was relieved to hear him say that he honestly thinks this is the best book I've written so far. Trust me when I say that I've worked with my agent a long time and though he is funny and kind, he is also brutally honest and would tell me if he thought it was garbage.

My publisher would like me to work on a standalone book next (as in not attached to a series) so in that vein I've been working on something new (no details yet as it is in its baby stages) and editing a book that I wrote with my friend Martha Brockenbrough--I'm really excited about it. Hopefully we'll get it edited and sold soon so I can talk about it, because I think you guys will really like it. It's funny and weird and full of ADVENTURE. There is so much adventure that I had to use all caps, guys. That is seriously a lot of adventure. I'm also tinkering with a Ramon short story in the hopes that I can put something out into the world for you guys soon. I hate that my life is so crazy and things keep happening to delay my books. I'd love to blame outside forces, but it's 80% my fault that my books take so long. I hope that trend will end with Pyromantic.

So that's where things are. I'm much better at posting things on Twitter and facebook (though I'm on Twitter the most of the two) if you'd like more frequent updates for some odd reason. If you want to see more pictures of my dog, my baby, or other weird things I find, you can also find me on instagram.

I hope this message finds you all well, safe, warm and dry. As a resident of the Pacific North West, I put a lot of stock in being warm and dry. Thanks for continuing to support me and my silly books. I appreciate it.