Death & Waffles

So, I've had a few frustrated folks trying to find this story, and even though I feel like I keep posting links to it, people are having a hard time locating it. So, here's the places you can find it:

Amazon--In a few weeks, you can download (for free) the first few chapters of HMCN on the Kindle. It includes some sweet new cover art and the short story Death & Waffles. Plus, it's free. So if you have a kindle, go for it.

Fwriction--this is a site created by my friend Danny Goodman, a fellow graduate from the University of New Orleans's MFA program. When HMCN came out, Danny posted all kinds of goodies including links to Death & Waffles, one of my book trailers (created by another UNO grad, Jason Buch) and a few other goodies. You should check it out. There's a lot of great writing on this site, people, plus some rants from one of Danny's characters, Canadian Jay.

Macmillan--you can find the story here, plus an excerpt from the novel, both book trailers, and some free downloadable wallpaper.

So there you go. Hope this helps.