Cross stitch madness! (Updated!)


I'm lucky that I get to work with some pretty fantastic people. My editors are amazing and wonderful gals--I keep waiting for one of them to sprout extra heads that shoot acid. I mean, surely people can't be as nice as they are all the time, right? My agent, despite always referring to me as a fishwife, is the best thing since sliced bread (and sliced bread is pretty freaking amazing. Trust me--I used to work in a bakery. Slicing by hand is a pain in the ass.). Everyone I've met at Holt has been a joy. It's made everything rather surreal to have all these nice people to work with. Talented people. People like Tim Hall (the person who designed the book) and Richard Deas who designed the dust jacket. Rich got worked pretty hard--he had a great initial design and then had to go back and completely redo it. I loved the first one, and you know what? I think he did a bang up job on the final cover, too. And I think you guys feel the same way--so far I've seen the cover painted in henna, carved in pumpkins, and rendered in cookie form. And now? Cross stitch! 


I was introduced to Kristy Kizzee through a mutual friend on Twitter. (I'm on there under @TeamDamnation). Kristy let me know that she'd just picked up my book and I let her know that my mom had purchased her lovely creation at Barnes & Noble in Mississippi months ago--a zombie cross stitch kit. That's right, a ZOMBIE CROSS STITCH KIT. I now want to learn how to cross stitch. Check out all of Kristy's cool stuff on her etsy page here. Go ahead. I'll wait. *twiddles thumbs* *whistles* *takes a nap*


Anyway, after telling her how awesome she was, Kristy asked me if my mom would like a cross stitch pattern of my cover. When I answered, "Hell, yes" Kristy kindly obliged. I then asked her if she'd be kind enough to share it with the world. So, for all you crafty folk, check out HMCN the Cross Stitch. For those like myself to lazy/inept to craft things, do yourself a favor and check out her etsy page. Thanks, team.


For the cross stitch, Kristy says, "This is a fairly large pattern ~  83 x 128 stitches on 14 count Aida fabric (6" x 9") I recommend stitching on red Aida cloth to reduce the amount of stitching :) If you do not stitch on red fabric, the bright red background can be stitched with DMC 666."



Here is the PDF for the pattern. It's a big file, so it takes a second to load. And here is the KEY


Hey, and it only took me a month to get this on here properly. Yaaaaaay.