Contest Winners!

So...I made this a lot more work for myself than I should have. And I set the announcement of the winners on Memorial Day weekend, which also happens to be the birthday of my kiddo...which means I am waaaaaay late posting this. My apologies, but really, what are writers known for if not for missing deadlines?

I got so many amazing, fantastic, creative entries. I have confirmed my original hypothesis that my fans are the best ev-ah. It was a lot of fun for me seeing how everyone interpreted the book, the characters, and the contest guidelines. I was originally going to post all the entries in one blog post but that would be a crazy long post. You know that magicians trick where they pull a scarf out of someone's pocket, only that scarf is tied to a bunch of other scarves and they just keep coming? It would be like that, only in blog form. So I have decided that I will post the winners of the ARCs tonight and then parse out the rest of the entries over the next few weeks.

First, a funny thing about the winners. While setting up this post I realized that both the winners were from Virginia. Then I realized that both the winners had the same address and same last name. Hm. And then I laughed. Look, I don't know what's going on in the Pursel household, but whatever you're doing, you're doing it right. 

Sam's fortune cookie

So this was sent in by Catherine Pursel and the fortune made me laugh when I read it. Plus the presentation is pretty impressive. 

The drawing of Sam was sent in by Erin Pursel:

Samhain LaCroix

I love a lot about this drawing. First, the attention to detail. Sam is wearing a Plumpy's shirt, has his skateboard, his hoodie, and a very "Sam" expresion on his face--and his blue aura. Also it is just visually stunning. 

So the Pursel's are getting an ARC. But just one. They will have to share, because I can't send both ARCs to the same house. It just wouldn't be right. HOWEVER, I will include some other stuff in the package to make up for it. Kudos, guys. You rocked it. 

After this realization I had to go back and pick my runner up. This actually made me happy because honestly it was super difficult choosing between all the cool entries. Finally though, we chose this one:


Here's what I liked: One, it's pretty. I like pretty. The detail work is nice--the book is resting on an Oingo Boingo record (the chapter Dead Man's Party is taken from the Oingo Bongo song of the same name) and there's a crow hovering over the book. There is also a little lego werewolf and a lego Sam on a skateboard with a severed lego Brooke head. So thanks Brandy from Portland! You get an ARC!

So here is where you do one of two things. 1) Complain (to yourself) that your entry was better or 2) remind me that there were five prizes. First, don't fret. All the entries were awesome. I don't think you guys understand how cool it is for me to see all the photos, drawings, and so forth. Which is why I quickly decided to toss the five prizes out the window. The ARCs were the big coveted ones, I know (which is just spectacular from my perspective) but you will all get something. I promise it will not be a severed head. I also promise to not take ages to mail these things out. No one should feel disspointed or upset. Maybe it won't be an ARC, but it will be a present, and who doesn't love presents?

So thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you all for entering. Stay tuned for future blog posts were I post more of the entries. I'm also going to include some of the art on the facebook page (I will credit the creator), so there's that.