Contest! For Things!

Spring is in the air--the birds are chirping, the sun is...not shining*, and my allergies are officially driving me bonkers. Do you know what that means, Interweb friends? Contest time! Are you excited? I know I am.

I am giving away FIVE prizes. Hold up your hand--yes, that many. Five. But only TWO (Put down three fingers. There you go.) of those are ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) of Necromancing the Stone (Yes, that is the second book. Yes, it is about Sam.) The other things, while awesome, won't be as exciting to you because...well, because they are't ARCs. But I will promise that they will be at least marginally more exciting than, say, a box of old newspapers or a bouquet of poison ivy**. 

But I'm not going to make it easy on you, friends. You are going to have to DO things. Why? Simple. I'm a jerk. That's why. There are THREE (Hold up your hand again. Put down two fingers. Okay, THAT many.) ways to enter. Last time I made you write haikus. I was tempted to do the poetry thing again, but figured I'd try something new this time. BEHOLD!

Way the First:

Photograph of Hold Me Closer, Necromancer IN THE WILD. What does that mean? I don't know. Outside of a bookshop or library I guess. Use your imagination. Try to catch photos of it unawares, like while it is taking a drink at ye olde watering hole or napping on a park bench.

Way the Second:

Fortune cookie fun time! Write a fortune cookie message for a character in the book. It can be any character. You can write more than one if you so choose.

Way the Third: 

Arts and Crafts time! Make some HMC, N inspired art--drawing, collage, macaroni sculpture, whatever strikes your fancy. Send a photo/scan of said art. Pat yourself on the back, for you are truly an arrrrr-tea-st-ah***.

Ha! I'm totally making you all work for it. Power goes straight to my head.

Here Be the RULES:

You can enter more than once, but you will not win more than one prize. Winners will be chosen by a small party of people that I poll at various bus stops and public toilets****. You must live on Earth. The contest ends May 10th at midnight, PST (Pacific Standard Time). After that all entries will be eaten by Interweb goblins. (UPDATE!!!! I have found a way to hold off the Interweb Goblins--with a box of Mike and Ikes--so I'm going to give you all in extension! You have until the 15th now. So many of you were freaking out about getting done in time that I tool pity. Yay, pity!) All entries must be emailed to to be considered. Anything posted to the facebook page, Twitter, etc. is NOT an entry.

With your entry please include this information:

Name, email, and address--I will only be using this info to send you the prize should you win. I won't be using it for anything creepy.

Favorite Candy

Shirt Size

Favorite Color

Permission to Post--this is important. I would like to share the winners...or even maybe some of the not winners...with the Interwebs. However, if you don't want to share with the world, it's not mandatory and will not keep you from glory or prizes. But I need to know which one it is, so please include that in your email.

Winners will be notified by the 20th of May. (*I just realized that when I gave you guys an extension that I should have also given myself one. So I will post winners later this week, probably the 25th.)

I think that's it. Go forth and conquer, my friends. May your ventures be successful.


*I live in Seattle, remember?

**But only marginally

***Surely by now my nerdiness should not surprise you.

****AFTER they wash their hands. I\\\'m not disgusting, people. Geez.