Contest Entries! (Finally)

I am often an odd combination of extremly busy and extremely lazy. It's fun. You should try it.

Anyway, I am just now posting the other entries to the ARC contest. Since it's super time consuming for me to get photos up on here (due to a certain ignorance of how web pages work on my part) I have posted the pictures on my facebook page. If you don't have facebook, I'm sorry. But if you ever want me to write a book again, you're just going to have to accept my short cuts. 

But I will post the fortune cookies on here! Yay! Here they are: 

For Brooke: You will lose your head over some surprising news. -by Melissa T. Liban of Cincinnati, OH


Sam's: Nothing can heal or harm as much as a mother's love.

Douglas's: Nothing lasts forever, Even death has an end. -Both by Rebecca Denham of Houston, TX!


Travel is good for the soul. (Douglas)
Enemy, like gong, should be beaten daily. (Michael)
Its important to stay ahead in life. (Brook)
While ignorance is bliss, wisdom need not be divine. (Sam)
Confucius say, waffle make poor bookmark. (Ashley)
Friendship can be a bear, but the rewards are worth it. (Ramon)
Look for love in unexpected places. (Brid)
As for the information you asked for, they are as follows:
The whole team done by Leslie New of Washington D.C.! Thanks, Leslie!


For Brooke: Despite what the circumstances may seem, you will be-headed in the right direction.
For Sam: Beware of potatoes. -Thanks, Jeanne Chau of NY!
Thanks you guys for your wonderful entries. I'm packaging up the last of the prizes today and hitting the post office today and tomorrow, so keep your eye out and sorry it took me so long!