Another tidbit of Pyromantic

It must be editing time again...


"A minivan?” I asked as he hit the unlock button. “You taking the kids to soccer practice after this?"

Lock snorted. "That joke was beneath you. And yes, minivan. How many times did we wish we had a bigger car before? Like that time we had to haul away that half-conscious orc."

"Or the time we had to move that entire colony of gnomes across state lines." Ezra snapped his seatbelt shut. "I, for one, approve of Lock's new mom car. Obviously I wouldn't be caught dead owning one myself, but I like that we can transport a body and have enough cup holders for all of us."

"Besides," Bianca added, sliding into the seat next to Ezra. "No one pulls over a minivan."

"I stand corrected, Lock. Your new car rocks."