Another Snippet of Firebug

I gave you a small one on the last blog post -- the one where I revealed the title. But I figured I would give you another little bite to tide you over. After all, September 23 is a long way away...

Oh, man. I just realized that's only 7 months. A long time for you guys...short time for me. *breathes into a paper bag*

Stay tuned--I think we *might* have  a cover reveal coming up soon. If I don't remember to post the link here, I'll most likely put it on my facebook page and twitter (@TeamDamnation) repeatedly. Because I will be SO EXCITED.

As for the snippet--I've never really written a main character who was a pretty boy. Most of my guys are just...guys. So writing someone like Ezra who is entirely made of swagger has been a hoot. Hope you guys like him as much as I do. 

(Keep in mind, we're still doing copy edits so this part might change and there might be some goofs...)

Snippet from Firebug:

 I tousled Ezra’s hair and took a seat by Lock.

            “I know what you’re doing,” Ezra said, not glancing up from his cards. “You’re trying to irritate me, thinking my vanity would howl at you messing up these beautiful tresses.” He moved a card on the end into the middle of his hand. “You should know by now, Ava my darling, that my hair will be fantastic no matter what.” Lock winked up at me.

            The thing is, Ezra was right. He seems like he’s two steps away from sashaying down a runway or entering a photoshoot all the time. He’s not handsome or pretty or good-looking. Ezra Sagishi is nothing but time-stopping, heart-rending, sent-straight-from-temptation gorgeous. Good cheekbones, dark hair with deep russet tones, amber golden eyes that look lined in kohl, and a smile that actually does stop traffic. I’ve seen it happen. Twice.

            And he knows it, too. Ezra is a fox, literally, and they don’t believe in false modesty. Stealing everything that isn’t nailed down, yes. But modesty? Not in their lexicon.

             I nudged Lock. “I know Ezra’s here for the free food—did his stomach drag you along?”

            “You don’t think I’m here for the sparkling conversation? The scenery? To watch Ezra lose spectacularly?”

            “I do everything spectacularly.” Ez moved another card. “What makes you think I’m going to lose?”

            “Because we won’t let you cheat," Lock said. "There goes everything in your favor.”

            Ezra gave a minute shrug. “Can’t argue there. Anything you need to wait for isn’t worth it.”

            “Whereas I am a creature of patience.”

            “Well, I’m not,” I said. “And you didn’t answer my question.”

            “What else would I be here for? You, cupcake. I’m here for you.”

            Cade smiled over his coffee mug. “Have you come to make me an offer? I’m almost positive my girl here is worth her weight in chickens, so let’s start talking dowry.”

            “Chickens? Cade, you insult the girl.”

            “Thank you, Duncan.” I leaned in and kissed him on the temple.

            “Now goats, that’s getting closer. But not cattle. She’s not worth large livestock anymore. Maybe when she was a little younger . . .”

            “You’re all jerks.”

            “My apartment doesn’t allow goats,” Lock said. “So you’re safe. For now. I’m here to keep the trees calm. For some odd reason, you make them nervous.”

            Ezra may be all fox, but Lock is half-dryad. Or as he puts it: half-dryad, all man.