Another Pyromantic Snippet

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By the time we reached the Inferno, I wasn't shaking from electrolyte withdrawal anymore, but pure terror. Sid was ghostly white and not in much better shape.

I climbed off the bike, barely able to pry the helmet off my head, my fingers were shaking so bad. "Let's never do that again."

"Agreed. Would you think less of me if I vomited over by that car?"

"I couldn't possibly think less of you than I already do."

"Will you hold my hair? I don't want to get any puke on it. There might be some lovely ladies in there, and I'm not really into the kind who can sign off on puke-hair." He grabbed both the helmets. 

"Yes, because blood, gore, and ash are cool, but you draw the line at vomit."

He offered me a friendly arm as we followed Alistair. "I do have some standards, you know."