10th Anniversary of Katrina

I just posted this to Facebook, but thought I'd put it here for those folks that don't participate in FB. I'm not sure what my voice adds to the clamour, really, but felt like saying it anyway:

As many of you no doubt know already, today marks the 10th anniversary of Katrina. Ten years ago today, tired and emotionally wiped-out, my family and roommates sat around a pool in Houston drinking margaritas and watching our homes get destroyed. It was the best possible way to be homeless and we were lucky that my mom's cousin Toni took us in. ALL OF US. (Except my roommate Ben, who was visiting his parents, but still lost all of his stuff...and never received any help from FEMA because he wasn't physically down in New Orleans when the hurricane hit.)

It was a terrible time. You saw the worst of humanity. You also saw the compassion, the empathy, and the giving nature of friends, family, and strangers. Sometimes, just thinking about it, I can feel the panic, the helplessness and the frustration and fear that disaster brought on. It can hit like a wave. It's overwhelming and for a second, it's hard to breathe. I work through it and then it's always followed by a feeling of hope. New Orleans is still struggling. My mom's town still doesn't have a grocery store. 

But people come together. They make it work.

That's what I want to take away from all of this, and forget the rest.